Red Chilli Whole

A Spice Affair With Red Chilli Whole Stemless

Everyone in the world is familiar with red chilli whole, and it can be found almost everywhere. But the chillies in India are particularly special. So let’s learn more about this amazing spice and its impact on the country.

Origin of Red Chilli

India is the largest chilli producer in the world. Hence, Dried Red Chilli Whole Stemless is very commonly used in the tropical country. But did you know that chillies don’t originate from India? They were brought to the country by the Portuguese in the 15th century. The crazy spice has since found a comfortable bed to grow in India and hence there are many different varieties of chillies in India. Let’s learn more about them.


India produces many varieties of red chillies, each having a different spice level and distinct flavor. Let’s learn more about some of them here.

  • Kashmiri Red Chilli: As their name suggests, Kashmiri Red Chilli originates from the state of Kashmir. Due to its deep red color and low Scoville level, it’s generally used more for its color than its spiciness.
  • Guntur Red Chilli: Again, going by the name, the chilli comes from the Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. But unlike Kashmiri Red Chilli, this is one of the hottest chillies in the country and also has a dark red or maroonish color.
  • Byadgi: This dark red-colored chilli comes from the state of Karnataka. Like Kashmiri Red Chilli, it’s not really spicy and can also be used as a substitute for the former.
  • Boria: This berry-like chilli is known for its unique shape. Being a moderately spiced chilli, it is often used in lentils soups and curries in India.
  • Sankeshwari Chillies: Originating from a place called Sankeshwar, Maharashtra, this spicy chilli should be used very carefully. With a very high Scoville level, this is also one of the spiciest chillies cultivated in the country.

These were some of the most famous chillies in the country. Let’s learn some amazing facts about them.


These spicy red chillies might add some thrill to your taste buds, but did you know that they have many health benefits too? Let’s learn some amazing facts about this unforgiving spice!

  • There are over 400 different types of chillies around the world.
  • Despite all the pain they cause, there are many benefits of organic red chilli powder regular as chillies are natural painkillers.
  • Studies show that they are loaded with Vitamin A and have antioxidant properties, making them a very healthy spice.
  • Water doesn’t help you negate the effect of chilli on your palate. Instead, you should consider having yogurt or milk.

Purchasing & Storage Tips

  • If you have the choice, try to grab a pack of red chillies that is a little flexible and not completely dry and crisp.
  • If you could only find crisp chillies, soak them in warm water before using them.
  • Always store your chillies in a cool and dry place. You can also store them in a freezer.

Recipes With Whole Red Chillies As The Star

  • Dal Tadka: Everything that makes Dal Tadka awesome is the tempered Whole Red Chilli and Mustard Seeds on top. It adds a whole new level of flavor.
  • Surti Kadhi: Whole Red Chillies are added to this soulful recipe to balance the tangy flavors for the yogurt with a spicy twist. Next time you have Surti Kadhi, you’d be able to distinguish the flavors and understand why the spice places such an important role in the making of this dish.
  • Chilli Garlic Chutney: A very common type of side dish served in the state of Gujarat, this can be a great accompaniment to your daily Dal Chawal. It can also substitute Indian pickles.
  • Lemon Rice: Just like Surti Kadhi, the spiciness of the chilli complement the piquant flavors of Lemon Rice really well. It adds a layer of a different kind of flavor and also balances the dish, making it a lot tastier than it was.

These were all the things you needed to know about Whole Red Chilli. You can try one of these recipes and can also use this amazing information to entertain your guests while they enjoy your preparations. Open your doors to this amazing spice and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. Stay tuned for more ‘Spice Affairs’.