Benefits of cracked wheat

Everything about Cracked Wheat  

 If you’re seeking a rice substitute for dishes such as pulao or khichdi, then Cracked Wheat is what you should choose. But do you know the origin and benefits of Cracked Wheat? Read this blog to learn more about this whole grain!  

What is Cracked Wheat?

When we grind whole wheat into coarse particles, we get Cracked Wheat. It is commonly known as Daliya in Indian households, and it is not as finely ground as flour. The benefits of Cracked Wheat are unparalleled due to its high nutritious content. 

If you wish to try out a different flavor in most of your favorite rice-based dishes, cracked wheat is the best option. Moreover, cooking cracked wheat is an easy process. It enhances the texture and adds more crunchiness to the dishes or baked goods you add it to.

This blog brings you some in-depth information about the origin and benefits of cracked wheat and what makes it one of the most-used whole grain foods!

1) Origin:

Cracked Wheat is believed to have originated from Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Israel. Due to the health benefits of wheat, at present, this ingredient is experiencing a growing popularization worldwide. 

2) Benefits of Cracked Wheat :

Cracked Wheat benefits us in ways more than one, and this whole grain comprises nutritional values like high fiber, vitamin B, and antioxidants. Consumption of Cracked Wheat helps our bodies by keeping away the chances of getting serious illnesses. It significantly reduces the chances of diseases connected to the heart or respiratory systems.  

3) Cracked Wheat  vs. Whole Wheat:  

So why exactly do we require to grind whole wheat finely and get Cracked Wheat out of it? First of all, unlike the heavy processing required for whole wheat, Cracked Wheat does not have to undergo that much. It is just grinding whole wheat berries into fine particles, just as we mentioned above. Moreover, Cracked Wheat contains all the nutritional values, whereas whole wheat’s nutritional content depends upon how well it has been processed.

4) Cracked Wheat  Recipes:

There are a variety of baked goodies such as pancakes, pastries, muffins, etc. There are many more dishes such as Upma, Pudding, etc. that you can make with Cracked Wheat. If you want to look up a detailed recipe for Dalia, read our blog  3 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes. You will get some other recipes too! 

The above-mentioned benefits of Cracked Wheat are sure to make you want to try it out. But we suggest that you should always opt for organic Cracked Wheat as organic ingredients offer you the best taste and health benefits.

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