Jaggery dishes

Jaggery dishes to keep you warm this winter

The winter calls for the goodness of yummy recipes, and nothing beats the goodness of gur! Gur or jaggery keeps us warm during cold days and is one of the best substitutes for white sugar. So, if you are looking for foods that can keep you warm, leave the calorie count behind and dig into the winter special jaggery dishes.

Since winter is here, it’s time to switch to the food that keeps us warm. One such excellent food is jaggery. Jaggery has beneficial properties we can boast about, which are extremely helpful during chilled days. It is an ideal ingredient for many Indian recipes.

Traditionally, jaggery is made by concentrating sugar cane juice, which is finely cooked in large iron pans with slow steers until it condenses. Then it’s cooled, placed in different shapes, or used in powder form. Pure jaggery is unrefined and filled with nutrition due to its molasses content.

Did you know a variety of jaggery is also made with organically cultivated sugar cane and is totally chemical-free? Organic Jaggery is non-distilled; there are no chemicals used in the making, so all the nutrients like magnesium, iron, calcium, and phosphorus are retained. Preferring organic jaggery and its powder is always the best choice as it comes in its natural form, has more nutrients, has a lower glycemic index, and is healthier.

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If you are wondering what sweets are made from jaggery during winter, here are our top picks for you. Read on to know more.

Gudpapdi 1

1) Gudpapdi

Gudpapdi is a traditional Gujarati sweet delicacy made with whole-wheat flour and jaggery. You can try this recipe during chilled winter to keep the body warm. Gudpapdi is one of the easiest jaggery dishes, and its texture feels crumbly, yet it melts in your mouth quickly. You can achieve this texture with pure organic ghee. If you crush this papdi, it gives you sukhdi, which is a little chewy. Here is Dwaraka Organic’s Gudpapdi recipe you can try at home.

Sesame Ladoo

2) Sesame Ladoo

Sesame Ladoo, or Til Ladoo, is another popular sweet dish made with jaggery and sesame. Made with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, ghee, and saffron, sesame ladoos are widely enjoyed during many winter festivals, including Lohri and Sankranti in India. The sweet batter of these ingredients is rolled into small crunchy balls and can be relished at any time of the day. You can refer to this recipe of sesame ladoos from Dwaraka Organic and make these ladoos at home without hassle. We are sure that the taste of these ladoos will make you fall for them right after the first bite.

Puran Poli 1

3) Puran Poli

Puran Poli is on our list of jaggery dishes as it is filled with nutritious chana dal and the sweetness of gur. Puran Poli is a famous Maharashtrian flatbread enjoyed during festivals and special occasions. The tempting smell of Puran Poli made with chana dal and jaggery is just. It can be enjoyed on any day during winter as it keeps you warm. Try our puran poli recipe at home, and let us know how you feel. Don’t forget to spread our organic ghee when you are enjoying it.

Gur Ki Kheer 1

4) Gur Ki Kheer

Gur Ki Kheer is a famous Indian dessert you can sometimes prepare easily at home with regular rice available and enjoy this winter with your loved ones. You can also try it with different millet flours and nicely pair it with milk, sugar, ghee, basic flavorings, and nuts. Here is a quick recipe for gur ki kheer from Dwaraka Organic you can try at home.

Which of these jaggery dishes are you going to try next?

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