Benefits of Fennel

5 Essential Benefits Of Fennel

 It is the first month of the New Year, so how about kick starting a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the year? Food is an essential factor responsible for our health, and we cannot ignore the veggies that benefit our health to the core. Read this blog to know about some benefits of Fennel, a highly nutritious vegetable. 

Fennel is a vegetable that appears in a bulb-like structure and is green in color. As a whole, it is a versatile plant, and it is helpful in varied ways. Its form serves us for three different purposes. The bulb itself is the food, and the fronds serve as a herb. Moreover, the fennel seeds are known to be one of the best spices for health.

The bulb and fronds of Fennel are served raw with salads and also sometimes used for garnishing different dishes. The Fennel seed spice is a staple in the spice blends of Indian cuisine and is a frequent addition to various dishes. Furthermore, chewing fennel seeds after a meal also serves as a mouth freshener. It helps to improve digestion as well. 

Now that we know how the different parts of the Fennel are helpful, let us read this blog and find out five very notable and essential benefits of Fennel: 

1) Fennel benefits the skin:

The seasonal changes affect us in various ways, and skin is one of them. Taking care of your skin is essential which is why, including Fennel seeds in your diet is extremely important. But did you know that Fennel is extremely helpful for this purpose? Yes, Fennel seeds contain vitamins that are believed to give one a younger-looking skin. On top of that, Fennel tea also works as a beneficial factor for the skin. Moreover, it treats acne and thereby brings a glow to your skin. If you consume fennel tea regularly, it helps to improve the overall skin texture. Making Fennel tea is not that tough and all you need to do is just add two teaspoons of fennel while the tea brews. Let it rest for some time and strain the tea into a cup and your fennel tea is ready!

2) Fennel seeds improve hair health:

Is your hair getting thinner? Fennel is a natural remedy for hair fall. It helps strengthen the roots and thereby give some life to our hair. Additionally, fennel seeds benefit hair by fighting the elements that lead to hair growth prevention and cause massive hair fall. Rinse your hair well with fennel-strained water as it increases hair growth. Now there’s some good stuff you can try with your hair! 

Did you find the hair and skin benefits of Fennel great? Well that’s not all! You’re about to find some more awesome ways in which Fennel is helpful!  

3) Fennel helps treat sore throat:

Fennel, a natural immunity booster, is great for sore throat. The seeds of Fennel are known to have properties that help soothe the throat affected by cough and cold. Fennel comprises elements that help treat ailments like mucosa by causing a cooling effect on the vocal tissues, thereby calming the throat.

4) Fennel has numerous medicinal values:  

Fennel contains almost all the nutrients and other vital elements that help various health problems. The nutrients of fennel seeds improve digestive health, and not only that, but they also help aid weight management. Furthermore, the benefits of Fennel also involve healing respiratory illnesses and improving the symptoms of anemia. Fennel is also considered to be anti-inflammatory and it is really helpful in case of rich food intake as it lowers the overall risk of chronic diseases.  

5) Fennel adds a whole new flavor to different dishes:

The Fennel seed flavor adds a tasteful spice to various mouthwatering dishes. The versatility of this seed is so much that one can use its flavor in curries, desserts, stews, and even beverages. The unique flavor is similar to a sweet licorice essence that you get in your food once you add Fennel. 

Fennel offers the variety of uses mentioned above. The benefits of Fennel improve our health to a great deal and additionally bring an authentic flavor to the food we eat. 

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