Organic Food: Trend OR Lifestyle?

We have all seen the hype around clean eating in the recent years. Budding from this trend, the concepts of organic farming and organic food have become popular among the health-conscious community. 

With its lush greens, colorful and juicy fruits, earthy vegetables, wholesome grains, fresh dairy products and aromatic spices, organic food is a delight to consume. But before we talk about the innumerable benefits of it, let’s understand what organic food really is.

What is Organic Food?

Organic food includes fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, spices and more produced by means of organic farming, untouched by chemical fertilizers, GMOs, synthetic additives or industrial solvents and milk and other dairy products obtained from animals reared naturally without the use of any growth hormones. Organic farming is considered to be the most environmentally ethical type of farming as it helps in maintaining the ecological balance while also safeguarding our biodiversity. However, companies cannot just sell organic foods without a specialized certification. In the US, the USDA Organic Certification has been made mandatory for the regulation of food safety standards. We, at Dwarka, have the USDA Organic Certification along with the Indian Organic Certification and adhere to the standards of OneCert to ensure that we deliver the freshest of produce. 

Why Choose Organic Food?

Good For The Earth:
The primary difference between organic and non-organic food is the way it is produced. Organic farming eliminates artificial catalysers, otherwise included in farming, which allows the crops to grow naturally. This also helps the soil retain its natural quality and keep all its nutrients intact. Organic farming makes use of organic pesticides and fertilizers to boost the farming process and produce a blooming yield. It helps maintain the natural environment and boosts ecological wellbeing. 

Good For You:
Organic products, when compared to traditionally produced food items, are fresher, more colorful and contain all their nutrients in the purest form. In fact, organic food is as fresh as the food grown in your own garden. The way we fuel our bodies is very important, especially during these times where our immunity is our greatest treasure. Organic food not only fuels your body, but also nourishes it. And an added bonus, it’s super tasty!

Using no artificial supplements, fewer pesticides, these food products are grown in the most fertile soil under the best possible conditions. Naturally, the benefits of these foods are endless. 

Most people today have made the shift to organic. As we have realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle, organic food has become a staple choice in most households. What started off as a trend, has now slowly transformed into a lifestyle. A lifestyle that takes care of the well-being of your family and the environment. 

We’re thrilled to be able to play our part in this lifestyle change in society by offering organic pulses, organic spices, organic flour, and much more.

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