How to Celebrate An Organic Diwali

Diwali can be many things – shubh, exciting, lovely, and fantastic. Let’s add one more adjective, ‘Organic’. Celebrating Diwali is all about people bearing gifts, decorating houses with diyas and flowers, delicious food and sweets. If you’re wondering what an Organic Diwali is, or how you can celebrate it, this is exactly what we’re here to tell you.

With increasing awareness of environment-friendly products, people are more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies and into the air they breathe. Are you?

This blog is all about making you spend your Diwali in an organic, eco-friendly way and making it easier for you.

Here are some points to help you celebrate Diwali in an environment-friendly, non-toxic and organic way:

1. Make way for natural Rangoli

Rather than using chemical-filled, toxic color powders for rangoli, you can just make them at home. You can use rice flour and mix spices for colors – such as Turmeric for yellow, coffee for brown and Kumkum for red. It is also easier to clear it and you end up making a positive influence on the kids.

2. Choose the correct Lights

Isn’t Diwali all about lighting up your home? And in the best decorative way possible? This year, say no to candles. While they burn, they affect the air as they release toxins. Investing in diyas is a long-term and a better option that will give your house a more traditional look and feel. Diyas, made from eco-friendly material, signify purity. This year, bring in purity and light in your home with diyas, not lights (or firecrackers).

3. Use bio-degradable crockery

If there were a pie chart of everything that includes Diwali, family reunions would occupy the largest portion. Reunions require serving great food to guests and great food requires great crockery. Avoid buying expensive glass or plastic products. Opt for compostable and bio-degradable utensils. There are many organic crockery options available online. You can even use Banana leaves as they are traditional and also make an excellent choice for serving food. It would make your house look more stylish and you, more sensible.

4. Gift Organic

Since everybody looks forward to gifts, why don’t we give them sensible ones? Instead of exchanging the same old sweets and gifts, this time go organic with your love. The gifts can be organic soaps, teas, coffee, clothing, crockery, sweets and even creams. Your can gift hampers full of Indian spices one of the most difficult things to find in the US! What better than an organic desi masala for a desi?

5. Pack it right

Glittering, bright-colored wrapping paper does nothing but end up becoming trash and harm the environment. To avoid this, wrap your gifts with newspapers. Personalize it on your own or tell your kids to do it. Giving a personal touch with sparkles, stickers and ribbons. You can also personalize it and attach a handwritten card that will go a long way than just elaborately wrapping it in shimmery plastic paper.

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