Working From Home

Tips To Stay Fit While Working From Home

Working from home has its pros and cons. And no matter how much we try, health takes a backseat due to constant work stress.

In this blog, we have created a list of things you should try to stay fit and relaxed while working from home. Read to find out.

Work from home was a privilege once that has now become normal due to the pandemic. The history of working from home is as old as working ever started. Before industrialization, people used to work from home to build things and bring them to the market once in a while. Hence the daily commute to work did not exist then as there were no offices in the olden times. 

However, later, work from home became a modern way to allow employees to take a break from commuting to offices and working from the comfort of their homes, as most jobs involved tasks to be completed digitally. When the whole world was fighting a deadly virus, people worked from home to keep the economy going. Moreso, this practice of working from home helped organizations across the globe survive, especially during a pandemic. 

Since employees play such a crucial role, it is essential to focus on their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Hence today, we share a few tips to stay fit and detox while working from home. 

Food is the foundation of good health.

Work stress amidst a pandemic can affect your physical health. Thus you must include foods that improve digestion, boost immunity, and are easy to digest. Below is a list of a few food items you must have in your daily routine. 

  • Organic Food

Organic pulses, organic dals, and organic legumes are rich protein food sources. Protein is the primary component that helps in building new cells and in wear and tear. Hence these are essential nutrient items you must consume daily. Some of the protein-rich foods you can eat are Rajma Red, Garbanzos / Chole, Kala Chana, Organic Black Eye Peas, Urad Whole, and more. Furthermore, you can consume different types of dals like Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Chana Dal, Split Chickpeas, and more.

  • Spice-Based Drinks

Spices contain antioxidants, antiinflammatory properties that improve gut health and protect the respiratory tract. Moreover, they are great immunity boosters as they act like a firewall keeping harmful infections at bay. Here are some drinks you should try and consume – Turmeric Milk, Cinnamon Latte, Cumin & Carom Seed Infused Water, Pepper Rasam, Saunf Ka Sharbat, and more. 

  • Gluten-Free Flours

While you are eating all of these nutritious products, you need to keep your gut high on dietary fiber. Gluten-free flours like Oats Flour, Ragi Flour, Jowar Flour, Bajri Flour, and Amaranth Flour are excellent sources of dietary fiber. In addition to the fiber, they are also gluten-free, which makes them easy to digest. In turn, keeping your gut light and clean. 

Exercise is the pillar that keeps you fit inside out.

Exercise keeps your heart healthy and helps you loosen up after a long day stressing on the laptops. Moreover, various workouts like pilates, Zumba, running, cycling, etc., release Serotonin, a happy hormone. 

This hormone is responsible for stabilizing our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. Hence, any form of exercise is a must, at least for an hour, daily. 

Relaxation is the key to mental peace.

It is said that before you go to sleep, your mind needs to be decluttered to start the new day with 100% energy. In order to declutter and put your mind at peace, you need to practice relaxation. 

You can relax your mind by listening to soothing tunes, cooking, going for a walk, spending time with your pets, meditating, or reading a book. However, before you do any of these, it’s best to set the mood right, isn’t it?

So, light up an incense stick and let the aroma do its magic. If you have had a stressful day, you can choose our organic rose, jasmine, or sandalwood incense sticks. For normal, less stressful days, you can brighten the mood with our classic nag champa, sai flora, and mogra incense sticks

Our body is a temple, and we need to keep it clean and pure, especially when work from home gets to us. Thus switch to Dwaraka Organic products that are cultivated in a 100% natural environment and are as pure as mother nature. Buy our organic pulses, spices, flours, oils, and incense sticks from your nearest Indian grocery store and stay fit.