5 Must-Have Spices For Women

Spices, the best of both worlds. Spices add flavor, fragrance, and personality to your food while also providing you with several health benefits.

They are at the heart of any food preparation. Spices are a working mother’s best friend as they make meals tastier and healthier. They are a great source of antioxidants, boost the immune system and also have anti-aging properties, everything that a woman wants! 

Spices are the essence of any food preparation. A little bit of cumin or a dash of turmeric can make a world of difference in any dish. Spices are the magic ingredient that can enhance the flavors of any vegetable to make the dish more appealing. The aromas of several spices make them a desirable ingredient in most food preparations.

Apart from adding incredible fragrance and flavor to your food, spices also have great health benefits. Read an article on 

Whether you are a working mother or just a busy bee, you need something that will add instant taste to your meals and also make them more nutritious. Adding a pinch of healthy spices to your daily meals helps prevent common ailments such as cold, flu, an upset stomach, and irregular bowel movements. They also help you boost your immune system. 

Spices empower women from within. Women are great multitaskers which can be really tiring. They often need an extra dose of nutrition. Spices are small but are packed with a lot of health benefits. They can be easily incorporated into our daily meals.

Here’s how you can enrich yourself with this healthy spices list:

The bright yellow powder used in most Indian preparations has a lot more to it than its pretty color and great flavor. A staple in Asian cuisine and even Ayurveda, Turmeric is a great antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.

It was used by our grandmothers to give their skin an instant glow. It is also used in Indian wedding ceremonies for its beautifying properties. The compound responsible for all the healing qualities of Turmeric is Curcumin. It is said to help prevent early signs of aging.

Women have many tasks to perform on a daily basis. Amidst all of this, their health gets neglected. This is where spices like Cinnamon can be of great use. Apart from being an excellent antioxidant, the main health benefit of Cinnamon is reducing blood sugar levels which makes it a powerful anti-diabetic.

It also has anti-inflammatory traits which help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. It also helps in regulating blood pressure. Cinnamon is used to relieve digestive discomfort and helps improve overall abdomen health.

Clove helps kill any bacteria present in your system. It is also said to help in preventing stomach-related ailments. It is high in antioxidants and also helps in maintaining the health of the liver and regulating blood sugar.

Women start losing bone strength with age. Clove helps in keeping bones strong which is why it is suitable for women.

The fragrant flower-like spice used exclusively in Biryani preparations has a lot of health benefits. Star Anise is rich in Vitamins A and C and contains antioxidants that help delay signs of aging.

Star Anise is also helpful in relieving cramps, preventing nausea, and improving overall digestion. It can be consumed by women during menstruation to alleviate the pain caused by cramps. Add some to your Masala Chai and you are good to go!

Used in almost every South-Asian food preparation, Cumin undoubtedly has great health benefits.

Cumin has natural antioxidants which help fight bacteria and parasites that enter the body. Cumin also helps in preventing irregular bowel movements and in promoting better digestion.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help reduce cholesterol. Cumin is also said to reduce blood sugar levels and promote weight loss. So the next time you add a tadka to your dal, make sure to add a generous amount of Cumin!

These spices along with Coriander Seeds, Cardamom, Celery Seeds, Asafoetida, Black Pepper, Bay Leaves, and more have several health benefits and can prevent many diseases now and in the future.

Women work tirelessly throughout the day which takes a toll on their physical health. Incorporating these spices in your daily diet can prevent certain illnesses and keep you strong and healthy. 

This International Women’s Day, make a promise to yourself to take care of your health with organic spices, pulses, flours, oils, and more. After all, you are precious. 

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