Cooking Lentils

5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Cooking Lentils

Lentils are one of the healthy foods you need in your diet. Lentils are a rich source of nutrients like fibers, iron, folate, and potassium. However, you will be able to enjoy their benefits only when you know the perfect ways to cook lentils. But people with less or no knowledge about cooking lentils end up compromising their dishes, and in this blog, we talk about some mistakes you must avoid while cooking lentils with this article.

Lentils are healthy and easy to cook. But there are still some minor mistakes that you need to avoid to enjoy the best tastes of lentils. 

Most basic Indian recipes have lentils in them, and cooking lentils needs patience, or one might end up spoiling the dish. Lentils or dals make every Indian meal perfect, including toor dal, masoor dal, moong dal, urad dal, chana dal, chawli (black eye peas or beans), and rajma. Understanding the best way to cook lentils and avoiding the following mistakes will give you perfectly cooked aromatic lentil dishes.

Using the wrong kind of lentil

With a variety of lentils or dals, you can prepare many soups and side dishes rich in proteins and other nutrients. But, choosing the right lentil for the suitable dish is important. Unfortunately, so many times, beginners in Indian cooking make the wrong choice while preparing lentils, and they cannot enjoy the real essence of these beautiful ingredients.

One more mistake they make is using old lentils. Old lentils may be infected with bugs or fungus. Always use fresh produce if you want to get the most out of the lentils, and choosing organic ones is always recommended. With all the ways to cook lentils, the next mistake is unacceptable if you want to avoid belly trouble.

Not soaking your lentils

Soaking is the first step to cooking lentils properly. Lentils have raffinose oligosaccharides, soluble sucrose derivatives responsible for many stomach problems, including gastritis. Soaking your lentils before properly cooking them will keep you away from stomach troubles. Not only keeping oligosaccharides away, but soaking will also help your body quickly consume other minerals and nutrients in the lentils. It is advisable to soak your lentils overnight to make sure you can enjoy your lentils safely. Cooking lentils after you soak them will make them much more nutritious and delicious.

Not adding regular spices

Lentils shine when they are mixed with the right spices and ingredients. The main reason is that lentils don’t have a taste of their own, so they need a little love of aromatics and spices. Aromatics mean different herbs and veggies you need to add while cooking lentils. Aromatics are the main ingredients while cooking lentils and multiply their authentic flavors. Usually, onions, garlic, and ginger work best with lentils. Sautéing your lentils in these ingredients will make your dishes more flavorful. You can also add bay leaves and curry leaves to make your dishes even more powerful in aroma and taste.

Not using sufficient water while cooking lentils

The best ways to cook lentils are always using enough water and avoiding salt. Make sure you follow the 1:3 ratio while cooking your lentils. So suppose you are cooking a bowl full of soaked lentils; make sure you use three bowls of hot or lukewarm water. It is also advised that you avoid using salt at that time, which makes their texture tough and ruins your experience of enjoying your lentils. You can add salt at the end of the cooking process and leave a lid after turning off the stove.

Not cooking your lentils all the way through

Both undercooked and overcooked lentils won’t let you enjoy their pack of nutrients and fiber. In addition, undercooked lentils stay with lectin, an ingredient that may cause stomach problems like diarrhea or even food poisoning. Cooking your lentils in a perfect proportion will keep you safe and avoid any bathroom issues you don’t desire. 

If you are suffering from any allergies or ongoing illnesses, we highly advise you to consult your doctor or physician before picking any lentils of your choice.

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To conclude, if you really want to enjoy the benefits of lentils, avoid the mistakes mentioned above and follow the right tips. If you plan to include various lentils in your diet, consider purchasing organic lentils from Dwaraka Organic that are clean and packed with care.

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