Valentine's Day Dinner

Cook an Indian Dinner for your Valentine

Are you excited about how to make your Valentine’s Day dinner special? We’re here with some great tips and ideas for you to host a lovely date night dinner. Read this blog to know about some dishes you can include for this evening of love!

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, and couples worldwide celebrate this Day with utmost love and happiness. Exchanging beautiful gifts, going for a long walk, or visiting some notable places are all essential parts of this day of love! But there’s one more thing that lightens up this occasion for all couples. Can you guess what that is? It is none other than some delicious food!

What’s the best way to host Valentine’s Day dinner?

You’re undoubtedly excited about Valentine’s Day! But have you planned on what to gift your partner yet? Well, how about you surprise your better half with some super culinary skills? Don’t you think that’ll be a great idea and maybe something new about you that your partner will get to know? And what better than such a lovely surprise on this beautiful day? Host a candlelight Valentine’s Day dinner and make your better half happy with the best present ever! 

What dishes can be ideal for Valentine’s Day dinner?

Now here’s a question that might need some thought! If you’re hosting a romantic candlelight dinner at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then you must plan for an ideal variance of dishes. The best option will be to go for a spread of the royal Indian cuisine! The flavors of Indian cuisine are plenty, and there are a plethora of dishes available for every other segment, be it appetizers or entrées or even desserts!  

In this blog, we bring you some of the best Indian recipes that will prove to be the perfect inclusions to a Valentine’s Day menu! So let’s get right in, and you can jot down several dishes and their recipes for an excellent Valentine’s dinner! 

1) Appetizers:

When a dinner date is on the way, the first thing you plan out is the variety of appetizers you wish to serve! There are plenty of choices when it comes to Indian appetizers. You can include dishes like Hara Bhara Kabab, Kothimbir Vadi, Raw Banana Kababs, Mushroom Tikka Masala, and even Gobi Manchurian. Making these dishes is not much of a hassle, and we have all the organic Indian spices you need for these delicacies. If you wish to look up some easy recipes, you can just click on each of them, which will lead you to the respective recipe on our website. These are some of the best appetizers to gradually set you and your partner up for the entrées that you’re about to unfold on the table! 

2) Entrées:

Now that you’ve planned your appetizers, let us look at some of the entrées that will best suit this romantic dinner at home! So how about a step-by-step choice of dishes according to the intensity of their tastes?

It looks great and also becomes an enjoyable affair to savor the dishes if you start by serving something like Missi Roti alongside Mattar Paneer or Paneer Butter Masala and some Paneer Rolls to munch! Then you can serve some of the mouthwatering dishes like Chana Masala, Palak Paneer, or Sarso Da Saag. If either of you or your partner is fond of rice, you may choose to include Vegetable Pulao or Vegetable Biryani as per your choice. There are some other varieties of bread which you can also try, such as Urad Dal Roti or Methi Thepla can be one of your options. 

These dishes will undoubtedly prove to be the perfect options for a beautiful and memorable Valentine’s Day dinner. You can check out the recipes for each of these dishes on our website. All the ingredients are available with us as organic spices, organic cooking oils, organic blended spices, and organic cooking pastes. Your dishes will be tastier and healthier once you choose to make them using our organic products

3) Desserts:

 If one segment of food hits the soul, then it has to be desserts! A perfect dinner date is never complete without the best desserts. Moreover, we are talking about a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date, so one simply cannot take the desserts option lightly. 

Catering to the occasion of love, you should probably be a bit more specific about your choice of desserts as they complete your romantic dinner and therefore should prove to be the most memorable of options. If you’re confused with many different ideas, let us narrow it all down. 

For Valentine’s Day dinner, there are some perfect desserts such as Gudpapdi, Gur ki Kheer, Puran Poli, etc. These are all some very special Indian desserts to try.

But if you’re seeking something out of the box and not just Indian cuisine, then dishes like Gulab Jamun Cake, Apple Pie, Fruit Cake, Chocolate Spice Cookies, Chocolate and Cinnamon Mug Cake and Chocolate Sponge Cake can be some real good ones to try out!  

The sweet taste and looks of the Apple Pie Fruit Cake will melt the hearts of you and your partner, while the Chocolate cookies and sponge cake will stir the passion of love between you two with their intense tastes.

These desserts are easy to prepare, and we have the recipes just for you to refer! Check them out and serve them as you bring an end to the beautiful Valentine’s Day dinner you host for your better half! 

The dishes mentioned above are some of the best Indian vegetarian recipes, and you can easily make them at your home. So if you’re already excited about trying to make these for your partner and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, then make them with pure and organic ingredients from Dwarka Organic. Check out our website as we manufacture and sell organic products in the USA. You can shop for 100% pure organic and natural Dwarka Organic products at Amazon or your nearest Indian grocery store.